Cheese Board

The cheese boards offer us that game of different flavors, aromas and textures, so we must assess the characteristics of each cheese; we don’t want a boring and repetitive cheese board.

Blue cheeses, soft paste, artisanal, moldy crusts, pressed or raw milk, are only a minimal part of the ways of making cheese. In Quésame Mucho we offer you the possibility of tasting them on a cheese board, paired with homemade jam and nuts.

And if you are lactose intolerant, we also have a Cheese Board for you, and you may be interested in reading an article from our blog, La Quesopedia, where you explain the characteristics of some cheeses for lactose intolerant: «Los mejores quesos para un intolerante a la lactosa«.

Cheese board

Tabla de quesos Quésame

Quésame Board

French Perail
Asturian Afuega’l Pitu Roxo
Manchego curado with rosemary
English Stilton


Tabla de quesos Atrevidos Quésame Mucho

Daring Board

French Munster
Goat cheese with ash
Tuscan pecorino with truffle
English Shropshire


Tabla de quesos Nacionales Quésame Mucho

Nacional Board

Aged Canarian goat cheese
Smoked Idiazabal
Aged Mahón
Payoyo Cheese


Tabla quesos importación Quésame Mucho

Import Board

Old Gouda
Smoked Pecorino


Tabla sin Lactosa

No Lactose Board

Parmesano Reggiano 36 months
Gouda Reserva 24 months
Comté 24 months
Aged Canarian goat cheese


Tabla de Quesos italianos. Pecorino, Taleggio, Parmesano, Speck

Italian Tastes Board

Taleggio from Bergamo
Tuscan pecorino
Parmesano Reggiano
Speck (smoked ham)


Tabla de ibéricos Quesame Mucho Castelldefels

Iberian Board

Iberian Ham
Lomo bellota
Chorizo bellota
Salchichón bellota


quesos para las tablas Quesame Mucho

“La Quesea” Board

We prepare you
the cheese board
based on your preferences
It’s up to you!

Tabla de Quesos franceses Quesame Mucho

Versalles Board

Saint Marcellin
Morbier cheese with ash
Comté 24 months


Tabla quesos degustación Quesame Mucho Castelldefels

Degustation Board

Cow cheese from Badajoz
Reserve Manchego
Canarian smoked cheese
Artisan Cabrales



Mixt Board

Reserve Manchego
Goat Payoyo
Iberian Ham
Iberian chorizo


Reus Vermouth

Appetizers to have a vermouth with. You must try the Reus Vermouth, accompained with our QUÉSAME or QUÉSAME MUCHO appetizers.

copa de vino tinto Quesame Mucho
Assortment of cheeses in Quesame Mucho (Castelldefels)
Yzaguirre Reserva Vermouth2.50
Martini Vermouth2.50
Campari Vermouth3.50
Aperol Spritz5.00
Gilda donostiarra 2 und3.00
Anchovy stuffed olives2.50
«Chupadedos» olives2.50
Potatoes with canarian Mojo sauce4.00
Vinegar anchovies with olives4.90
Mini artichokes4.90
Marriage Anchovy Boquerón4.90
Pickled mussels4.90
Tabla de quesos en Quesame Mucho de Castelldefels
Assortment of cheeses in Quesame Mucho (Castelldefels)
Iberian Ham5.00
Iberian Lomo5.00
Iberian Chorizo4.00
Iberian Salchichón4.00
Reserve Manchego cheese4.00
Aged Mahón cheese4.00
Aged Canarian cheese4.00
Spicy Afuega’l Pitu cheese4.00
Artisan Cabrales cheese4.00
Idiazabal cheese4.00
Goat Payoyo cheese4.00
Vall d’Arán cheese (with Armañac)4.00
Truffled Pecorino cheese4.00
Smoked Pecorino cheese4.00
Baked Provolone cheese7.50
Baked Camembert cheese7.50
Comté 24 months cheese4.00
French Saint Marcellin cheese6.00
French Perail cheese6.00
Half board national cheese10.90
Half iberian board10.90
Half mitx board10.90


The Montaditos in «coca» bread are super tender, do you want one?

Bocadillo Quesame Mucho
Iberian Ham5.90
Iberian Lomo5.90
Smoked bacon with pepper4.90
Smoked bacon with cheese4.90
Manchego cheese with anchovy4.90
Tuna with pepper4.90
Tuna in olive oil3.90
Manchego cheese3.90
Idiazabal cheese3.90
Badajoz cheese3.90
Mahón cheese3.90
Iberian Salchichón3.90
Iberian Chorizo3.90
Montaditos Quesame Mucho
Iberian Ham4.00
Iberian lomo4.00
Smoked salmon with guacamole4.00
Goat cheese with eggplant4.00
Manchego cheese with anchovy4.00
Ballenita anchovy, pepper and boquerón4.00
Morbier cheese with jam4.00
Smoked bacon with pepper3.00
Smoked bacon with cheese3.00
Tuna with pepper3.00
Tuna in olive oil2.50
Manchego cheese2.50
Idiazabal cheese2.50
Badajoz cheese2.50
Mahón cheese2.50
Iberian Salchichón2.50
Iberian Chorizo2.50
Bikini Quesame Mucho
Bikinis – Sandwich
Tradicional, Ham and cheese2.50
Mallorquín, Sobrasada, honey and cheese2.50
Quésame, Danish cheese, cheddar and blue cheese2.50
Iberian, Iberian ham, truffle and cheese4.00
Cabrales, Cabrales cream and anchovy4.00
Smoked, Smoked bacon and Scamorza4.00
Green, Goat cheese, pesto and guacamole4.00
Number 8, Bresaola, mustard, pickles and cheddar4.00
Extremeño, Casar cream and iberian ham4.00
Italian, Tomatoe mozzarella and pesto4.00
Jabuguito, Morcilla, caramelized onion and cheese4.00

Baked «Cocas» and salad

Our «torradas» in «coca» bread are made with iberian ham, iberian sausages, or cheese.

coca de alcachofas
Baked CocaTostaCoca
Quésame 4 cheeses. Mozzarella, danish, cheddar and blue4.908.90
Affumicata. Mozzarella, bacon and smoked scamorza4.908.90
Mallorquina. Sobrasada, goat cheese, honey and caramelized onion4.908.90
Roquefort. Mozzarella, Roquefort and nuts4.908.90
Milano. Mozzarella, ham and caramelized onion4.908.90
Atún. Mozzarella, olives, capers and tuna4.908.90
Huerta. Mozzarella, eggplant, pepper, onion and olives4.908.90
Alcachofas. Mozzarella, guat cheese, tomatoes and artichoke4.908.90
Véneto. Mozzarella, Speck, tomatoes and scamorza4.908.90
Smoked herring and apple4.90
Smoked salmon and guacamole4.90
Torrada de jamón
Iberian ham 8.90
Iberian lomo 8.90
Speck and Parmesano8.90
Reserve Manchego cheese7.90
Badajoz cheese7.90
Idiazabal cheese7.90
Iberian Chorizo7.90
Iberian Salchichón7.90
Burrata. Leaf mix, cherry tomatoe, fresh burrata and pesto7.90
Salmon. Leaf mix, feta cheese, smoked salmon, nuts and balsamic vinegar7.90
Bacalao. Leaf mix, orange, raisins, smoked bacalao, honey and lemon7.90
Veneto. Leaf mix, Taleggio cheese, Spek and pesto7.90
Quésame. Leaf mix, caramelized goat cheese, nuts, raisins, honey and AOVE6.90
Mediterránea. Leaf mix, cherry tomatoe, feta cheese, olives and AOVE6.90
Mi Cuit. Leaf mix, Foie Mi Cuit, blueberries, seeds, balsamic vinager and AOVE6.90
Zucchini Carpaccio. Blue cheese, zucchini, nuts, balsamic vinegar and AOVE6.90
Beetroot Carpaccio. Feta cheese, orange, beetroot, chive and balsamic vinager6.90

Homemade Desserts

Postres Caseros
Homemade Tiramisú4.50
Panna Cotta with jam3.50
Frozen chocolate cream3.50

Wine and Beer

Our menu includes young, aging and reserve wine, red, rosé and white wines. Wines from Navarra, Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Rueda, Albariño and Txakoli, all perfect to drink with a great cheese board.

National, import, toasted, IPA and Pale Ale beer, all for you to choose.

copa de vino tinto Quesame Mucho
Red WineGlassBottle
Tempranillo Rioja1.808.00
Montsant Garnacha14.00
Penedés Noir de Noirs14.00
Rioja Montelciego3.5014.00
Rioja Cune18.00
Rioja Marqués Cáceres18.00
Ribera del Duero Delecto3.5014.00
Navarra Emergente3.5014.00
Priorat Legitim de Muller18.00
Rioja Montelciego18.00
Rioja López Haro21.00
Rioja Marqués de Riscal28.00
Ribera Duero Camino Castilla18.00

copa vino blanco Quesame Mucho
Benjamín Brut3.50
Benjamín Anna Codorniu8.00
Brut Nature N.1 Sant Sadurní14.00
Brut Nature Juve Camps22.00
White and roséGlassBottle
Verdejo Afrutado1.808.00
Verdejo Rueda1.808.00
Garnacha Seco Terra Alta1.808.00
Chardonnay Navarra2.5011.00
Albariño Rias Baixas3.0013.00
Txakoli Euskadi3.0013.00
Moscatel Navarra4.5018.00
Rosado Navarra2.5011.00
Copa de cerveza
Caña Barril1.35
Copa Barril1.95
Jarra Barril2.60
Green Alhambra2.95
Red Alhambra3.25
Wheat Beer4.60
Black Beer2.40
1900 Pale Ale2.40
IPA Beer4.60
La Chouffe belga4.60
Export triple malta2.95
Cerveza 0.0 tostada2.95


Gin tonic
Gin Tónic Bombay4.50
Gin Tónic Gordons4.50
Gin Tónic Beefeater4.50
Gin Tónic Seagrams8.50
Ron Bacardi with coke4.50
Ron Habana Club 7 with coke8.50
Vodka Absolut with orange4.50
Whisky JB with coke4.50
Whisky Ballantimes with coke4.50
Whisky Cardhu with coke9.50

Casis de Arándanos1.50
Orujo blanco1.50
Orujo de Hierbas1.50
Crema de Orujo1.50
Whisky JB1.70
Whisky Ballantimes1.70
Whisky Cardhu3.50

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